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BBWS strives for the upholding and implementation of the Citizenship Rights, which includes civil, political and economic rights, and are integral under the rubric of Human Rights. In addition to adopting the rights-based approaches to the service delivery mechanisms within the organization, the Society undertakes community sensitization programmes, awareness campaigns, advocacy and networking for protection of the fundamental rights of the deprived, marginalized and peripheral groups. The Society is an active member of the West Bengal Legal Aid Services and selected member of the Government level committees formed as under –

i) Disability issues and Rights of Persons with Disabilities;
ii) Child protection and Child Rights issues in West Bengal;
iii) Atrocities on Women and Trafficking of Women and Children in West Bengal;
iv) Midnapore district body on Dowry prevention.

Highlights of the major activities:-

a) Human Rights Education in School & among Students of Open Basic Education centers in West Bengal: The High Schools run under the aegis of the Society and other identified Schools have system for imparting students with the knowledge of fundamental human rights principles, together enabling students to identify and address of human rights needs and seek solution consistent with human rights standard. The Society’s programmes among students of the Open Basic Education Centers in north Kolkata aims at sensitizing students on the basics of human rights issues that reflect human rights values and encourages their participation.

b) Awareness campaign: The Society conducts regular mass awareness campaigns on rights concerning Children, Persons with Disabilities, Women and underprivileged young and adults in the field of access to education, healthcare and sustainable livelihood. The campaign activities are conducted in association of the networked youth groups and CBOs in the operational areas.

c) Advocacy & Networking: In order to achieve the rights-based access to the services for its target communities, the Society conducts regular advocacy at the district, State levels, as well as at the National level forums. The Society hosts the Secretariat of the recognised NGO and CBO networks namely (i) the Forum against Drug Abuse & Alcoholism, Youth Employment System East India Chapter and the Civil Society Network. Resultantly, the Society holds the unique scope of availing the cooperation and partnership of around 70 NGOs and CBOs who forms part of the three networks. These networks also campaign and lobbying for promotion equity and non-discrimination in the field of social services.

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