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Health Clinic : The Organisation runs a wing for treatment of general patients with the Orthopaedic hospital in Jhargram. A general OPD is also run in Tarakeswar and another OPD at Ghatshila(Jharkhand).All these centers conducts Immunizaton programmed. A Leprosy Clinic is run in Jhargram in collaboration with JLP. Awareness Campaign on Leprosy elimination is conducted periodically. Annually more than 17,000 patients are provided treatment and care.

Mobile Clinic : For providing out-reach healthcare services to the poor tribal and other backward class people in rural areas, the society runs a free Mobile Dispensary (TD) in Gopiballavpur 2 block in Jhargram. Monthly more than 2000 patients are attended to through this project.

Specialised Healthcare

Substance abuse prevention & care :
ASHADEEP center of the Society run in Baranagore Municipal Health Unit provides counseling, out-door detoxification and referral to alcoholics and drug addict patients of  the vulnerable north Kolkata areas. Community sensitization through BCC activities, Drug Education in Schools and Awareness of Street Children against drugs are conducted on a regular basis. Networking with CBOs, NGOs, GOs and other Agencies are maintained. Annual beneficiaries of the center is more than 1000 patients, who receive counseling and treatment to lead a drug-free life.


Prevention STDs HIV / AIDS :
Ashadeep's out-reach programme provides community counseling service and conducts awareness generation programme in the vulnerable areas of North Calcutta on prevention STDs HIV /AIDS. It also runs condom use promotion and safer sex practices programmes. Treatment of STI / STD through clinic is done on regular basic of commercial sex worker, their clients and substance abusers of North Kolkata. Monthly nearly 400 patients receive treatment through the clinic.


CB-DOTS for TB Control :
The Society runs Community Based DOTS for TB control in association with the CARE and KMC in 16 wards under SBRCC TU in central and north Kolkata. The Project aims at strengthening the RNTCP through reduction of TB-associated morbidity and mortality and reduction in transmission in the reservoir of TB infection. Annually more than 450 patients receive treatment and consequently cured.


Orthopaedics ::
The orthopaedic unit attached to the Society's Jhargram unit attends to the Polio and other deformity related cases and conducts corrective surgery tree of charges. Post- operative care and support, including providing requisite assitive devices, is the hallmark of the services. Annually more than 9000 patients are registered in the Orthopaedic OPD.

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