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IMMUNISATION: The Jhargram Unit runs an immunization center at its hospital benefiting a large number rural tribal and other backward caste children. PPIP is run in "Jhargram & Baranagore centers. Annually more than 1400 children below the age of 5 years are brought under the immunisation programme.

MOTHER & CHlLD HEALTH: The Society's Children Hospital in Jhargram runs clinic & counseling services for expectant mothers and provides out-reach pre-natal, natal and post-natal care services. The services benefit on an average 40 rural women monthly.

DESTITUTE CHlLDREN HOME: Provides residential care with educational support for destitute boys in the age group of5-18 years. 150 children are the inmates.

DEVELOPMENT OF STREET CHlLDREN & CHlLDREN AT RISK: The programme is run in north Kolkata region providing day care, basic education, nutrition, recreation and health care. 300 underprivileged children are enrolled.

HOSTELS: Children of transferable job-holders are provided hostel facilities in Jhargram. Meritorious students of the Society's schools are often get hostel facilities tree of charges. Nearly 100 students are in the hostel.

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